To all heroes in the medical field, risking their lives to battle this pandemic, we thank you.

We all want to help these brave men and women on the front lines of COVID-19. After seeing the shocking shortage of PPE for our Doctors and Nurses across America, a group of friends began 3D Printing face shields around the clock and distributing it to medical professionals in need. We’ve made it super easy to join the cause, request shields for your hospital or make a donation to keep everyone printing. As a community we can help thousands of people in need and keep the medical professionals SAFE.

Is your care facility in need of shields?

104 Printers
21,500 Ordered
20,700 Delivered

About our face protected shields.

Our shields are designed by 3DVERKSTAN to be lightweight, fast to print and easy to ship. This product is being provided completely free to these workers, and so it is through fundraising and the community's support alone that we are able to continue doing what we are doing. Any money remaining after this fight is over will be forwarded on to other COVID-19 charities.

Use your 3D printer to help protect our care takers.

We have already delivered thousands of shields, and have order for thousands more and that number is growing, thanks to donations for supplies and awesome at home 3D printer enthusiasts, we are providing such needed protection to the heroes of Covid-19. JOIN US!!!


Request your shield donation

Please fill out of the form and we'll do our best to supply your needs. We know that everyone needs these shields, but at the moment we'd like to limit these requests to medical professionals only. Thank you for understanding.

Below you'll find sample images of the type of face shields we are producing.

We are fulfilling these requests in the order that we received them in. We are printing around the clock out of our garages and will do our absolute best to get these to you ASAP!

If you have any questions, please email

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